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Shopping Cart & Checkout > How do I...
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Shopping Cart & Checkout > How do I...
...go back to the catalog to find another part? 1
Click "Continue Shopping" at the bottom left of the cart.
continue shopping

Or, navigate back and forth between the catalog and your cart using the tabs at the top of the page.
tabs at the top

Shopping Cart & Checkout > How do I... my cart to my friend or mechanic? 2
Click print or email at the top of the cart.
share cart

Type your email address, your name, a message, and your friends’ email addresses, then click "Send Email". Your friends will receive an email from our server, with a link that will open a copy of your shopping cart on our website. We don’t save email addresses; we include yours in the message so your friends can reply to you and not us.
share cart via email

Shopping Cart & Checkout > How do I... on more than one cart at a time? 3
Click open new cart at the top right of the page to open a new cart. Your previous cart will be saved in the "Available Carts" drop-down list. Its name will be the date/time you created it.
You may assign a new name by selecting it from the list and clicking new cart name.
Delete a cart by selecting it and clickingdelete cart.
         more than one cart

Shopping Cart & Checkout > How do I...
...change quantities? 4
Click in the "Quantity" box next to the part you want to change, and enter the quantity you need.
quantity field

If you'd like to remove the item(s) from your shopping cart, see "How do I delete parts from my cart?".

You might not be able to choose the quantity you want because the part is sold in packs. See "What do the boxes with "x2" or "x4" mean?".

Shopping Cart & Checkout > How do I...
...delete parts from my cart? 5
Click deletenext to the part.
delete part

Shopping Cart & Checkout > How do I...
...see my cart on another computer?
First, log into your account (see"How do I log into my account?)". Then, carts will be tied to your account and you can view them from any other computer on which you log into your account.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > How do I... an order over the phone?
All orders are placed through our website, Online self-service keeps prices low!
Shopping Cart & Checkout > Shipping

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Shipping
What does "Shipping Location A/B/C…" mean? 6
The parts in your shopping cart are not all stocked at the same location. Arbitrary letters A B C trucks indicate which parts can ship together. If you choose parts that are not stocked in the same place, there will be a separate charge for each location. To find parts that can ship together, see "Which parts cost least to ship?"

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Shipping
Do you ship to my location? 7
We can arrange shipping of our parts to everywhere in the world, including APO and PO Boxes, unless prohibited by law. To see shipping options, add parts to the cart, then select your country and enter your postal code (zip code). If any restrictions apply, you'll see an explanation message.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Shipping
What shipping methods do you offer? 8
We can arrange shipping with several small-package carriers (FedEx, DHL, etc.) as well as mail (USPS, Canada Post, etc.) and truck freight. Customers in most destinations can choose among economy and expedited methods as well.

To view shipping options available for your order, add items to your shopping cart and enter your country and postal code:
shipping cost

Common questions about shipping methods:
Who will deliver my order? "Mail" or "Post" in a shipping method name means your mail carrier (USPS, Canada Post, etc.) will deliver your package. Other shipping methods are delivered by private carriers (FedEx, DHL, etc. -- whichever is most cost-effective based on your location and our warehouse location). Mail carriers can deliver to post office boxes; private carriers cannot.
Is the delivery speed guaranteed? See "When can I expect delivery?".
What is “Consolidated” shipping? Consolidated shipping methods reduce shipping costs for international customers by combining multiple orders for customs brokerage. Once in the destination country, shipments are then distributed to local carriers for final delivery. Your package may be delivered by your mail carrier (USPS, Canada Post, etc.) or a private carrier (FedEx, DHL, etc.).
What is truck freight, and do I need a liftgate? Truck Freight is used for shipments too large or too heavy for small-package companies like FedEx (see "Will I have to sign for my package?"). Some truck freight methods allow you to choose "With Liftgate", at slightly higher cost. A liftgate lowers items from the truck to the ground -- useful if you do not have a loading dock and your parts are too heavy to unload by hand.
Do you offer free shipping? No, we offer reliably low prices, instead (see "Do you offer free shipping?").

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Shipping
Can I ship on my own account?
RockAuto arranges shipping on behalf of customers, passing along discounted rates we negotiate with the carriers. We quote rates in real time for each shopping cart, which is why you must ship using RockAuto‘s account (and cannot use your own carrier account to pay for an order's shipping).

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Shipping
When can I expect delivery? 9
To see estimated delivery times, add parts to the cart, then select your country and enter your postal code (zip code).

"Receive by" dates shown are estimates, considering time for our warehouse to process your order and transit time for selected shipping method by the carrier. If you choose a part listed with a delay (see "…X Day Delay") we will account for the lead time in your delivery estimate.

express overnight next days fast faster speed "receive by"

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Shipping
Do you offer free shipping?
Shipping is never free. Shipping costs vary widely depending on what you buy and where you are. "Free shipping” means an online store must charge everyone higher prices just to offset the cost of shipping bulky parts to a few customers in distant locations.

Shipping carriers must be paid for their work. We think it makes more sense to set part prices low and allow you to see the actual cost of the shipping decisions that you make. To minimize shipping costs, choose parts that can ship from the same location. See "Which parts cost least to ship?"
offer how code

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Shipping
Will my order ship today?
Orders ship within one business day unless a delay is noted in the part listing (see "…X Day Delay") or you choose a payment method that doesn't process immediately (see "How long will it take to process my payment?"). Business days are Monday through Friday.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Shipping
How much does shipping cost? 10
Shipping costs reflect the size and weight of the parts, your location, and current carrier rates (including the discounts you receive by having a high-volume store arrange shipping for you). To minimize shipping costs, choose parts that can ship from the same location. See "Which parts cost least to ship?".

To see a quote, add items to your shopping cart, then enter your country and postal code. Choose from the options shown, ordered by estimated delivery date. (You do not need to enter any personal or payment information to view shipping prices.)
shipping cost

high expensive cheaper much estimate freight

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Shipping
Will I have to sign for my package?
For most packages, your signature is not required. The carrier may require a signature if the driver thinks leaving the package unattended may not be safe.

For parts that are shipped truck freight (large body parts, for example), a signature is required. Truck freight carriers will contact you at the phone number provided on your order to schedule a delivery. You must completely unwrap and examine these parts for any damage before signing. If there are damaged parts, DO NOT SIGN for the package - REFUSE it, then report the problem on the Order Status & Returns page.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Shipping
What does "May take up to X days to ship due to Destination Address" mean?
A part you chose must be transferred to a location which can ship to you, which takes X days. You may see this message if your shipping address is a post office box (some warehouses don't ship mail) or you are in a different country (some warehouses can't ship internationally). Choosing a different part and/or a shipping address where FedEx can deliver may eliminate this delay.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Shipping
Can I pick up my order at your nearest warehouse?
Parts must be shipped and cannot be picked up directly from the warehouse. The warehouses are specialized to ship parts and do not have customer service desks or storefronts to accommodate order pickups. You will need to have your orders shipped directly to you.

If you are in a hurry to receive your parts, there are usually expedited shipping methods available. If you're concerned about the cost of shipping, please see Which parts cost least to ship?.
Shopping Cart & Checkout > Address and Contact Info
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Shopping Cart & Checkout > Address and Contact Info
I've ordered before, do I have to type my address again? a
Enter your email address and either the order number or postal code (zip code) from a past order, click "Remember Me," and your address information will appear. For your security, we do not store credit card numbers.
remember me

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Address and Contact Info
Can I ship parts to someone else? b
Yes, un-check the "Same as Shipping Address" box below "Billing Address" on the check out screen.
ship to someone
You may enter any shipping address you like but the billing address on the order must match your credit card company's records.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Address and Contact Info
Why do you need my full name?
Carriers require your full name in order to deliver the package (businesses should enter their full business name). If the full name isn't entered on the order, your package may be delayed, returned to us at your expense, or even abandoned (with no refund due) if the cost of the part is less than that of return shipping.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Address and Contact Info
Why do you need my email address & phone number? c
We send your order confirmation and shipment notification (with tracking numbers) to your email address. We use your phone number to contact you if there is a problem processing your order or if the carrier needs to reach you regarding the delivery of your package.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Address and Contact Info
How do I provide the importer of record for my international shipment?
The shipping address you enter on our website will be used as the Importer of Record on the commercial invoice.
Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment
How do I use a discount code? d
Enter your discount code in the "How did you hear about us" box without any other numbers or characters. Discounts cannot be applied once an order is marked as shipped.
how hear

Or, if you are logged into your account (see "How do I log into my account?"), click the discount code to apply it to your shopping cart.

To enter your discount code after an order is placed, go to the Order Status & Returns page, enter your order number and email address or phone number, and click "Find Order". Enter your discount code into the "How did you hear about us?" box at the top of the page. We will resend your order confirmation email with your updated total if the discount code is valid.
how hear

If there is already information in the box, you can erase it and add your discount code. If the field is grayed out, that means you already have a valid code applied to your order or your order has already shipped. Once any part of your order ships, you are no longer able to make changes to it.

For help locating your discount code, see "How do I view my discount code or store credit?"

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment
What payment methods do you accept? e
We offer multiple payment options, including:

  • Discover, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal. (These companies pay us in US dollars. If your account is in another currency, they will make the exchange and may charge you a fee)
  • PayPal, including "Pay Later" to pay over time instead of all at once. (currency converted to US dollars through PayPal)
  • Paper checks (US or Canadian dollars) and electronic checks (US dollars)
  • Canadian customers of BMO, Scotiabank, CIBC, or Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) can pay through their bank's online “Bill Pay” service.
  • Electronic funds transfers or wire transfers (US dollars, euro, British pounds, Hungarian forint, New Zealand dollars, Australian dollars)
  • Cash (at Wells Fargo branches in the US, or Bank of Montreal branches in Canada)

After your billing address country is selected, see available payment methods by clicking the payment drop-down on the checkout screen.
choose payment

We do not accept COD orders. You will receive an order confirmation email once your order is placed.  The email will explain how to submit your payment if you choose a method other than credit or debit card, PayPal or electronic check.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment
How long will it take to process my payment?
We ship your order after we receive your payment. Typical times for payments to reach us after you send them are:

Receive Time Payment Method
immediately Credit or Debit Card*; PayPal; Gift Certificate or Store Credit
same day Bank Transfer (UK£, AU$, NZ$, HUF); € SEPA Transfer
1 business day** Cash at Wells Fargo; Cash at BMO; BMO Bill Payment; Wire Transfer (from a US bank)
2 business days** "Bill Pay" payments from Canadian banks other than BMO.
4 business days** Check (electronic); Wire Transfer (from a non-US bank)
Up to 7 business days** Check or Money Order (paper)

* If you pay by credit or debit card we won't charge you until your order ships. If you see a pending charge right away that means your card issuer placed a hold on your funds expecting a charge, not that they sent payment to us.

** Business days are Monday-Friday excluding holidays.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment
I'm worried because you charged my card even though my order did not go through!
We charge your credit card when your order ships.

When you click "Place Order," we ask your bank to approve the card information and the order total. If your bank authorizes the transaction, but your order won't process for some other reason (for example, because your bank told us the billing address you entered doesn't match their records), we'll automatically send a "void" request to your bank within 2 hours. The void request explains that we will not charge your card.

Some banks put an immediate "hold" on your account in response to an authorization request, but will wait hours or days to process a "void." Pending authorizations are temporary holds by your bank, not RockAuto, and your bank is responsible for releasing the funds back to you.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment
How do I use my Gift Certificate or Store Credit? f
Select "Gift Certificate or Store Credit" from the payment drop-down, enter your code in the "Code" field, and click "Add Payment". If there is an additional amount due on the order, you will be prompted to enter another payment method for the balance.
drop down menu with payment options displayed

Or, if you are logged into your account (see "How do I log into my account?"), click store credit button in the payment section to apply your Store Credit.

Store Credits and Gift Certificates expire five (5) years from the date of issue. Purchase Gift Certificates here.

For help locating your Gift Certificate or Store Credit code see "How do I view my discount code or store credit?"

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment
Can I use multiple payment methods on one order? g
Yes (up to four, not counting Gift Certificates/Store Credits). Check the "Split Payment" box, select your first payment method, enter its information and the amount you wish to be applied to it, and click "Add Payment". Then repeat to specify other payment method(s) for the remaining balance.

Your payments will be shown in the "Payments" section. Click remove next to a method if you decide not to use it.

To specify a payment method for the remaining balance (shown in the “Amount” box), choose the method, enter in any necessary information, and click "Place Order".

         split payment check box

We will begin processing all of your payments when you click "Place Order." We will ship the parts when the order is paid for in full, and when all payments have been confirmed. See: "How long will it take to process my payments?"

Your billing address must be the same for all payments you use.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment
How do I view my discount code or store credit?
We send discount codes and store credit codes via email. If you deleted the email, you can access your code(s) through your Account.

If you have an account:
Log into your account (see "How do I log into my account?"). If you have a valid discount code or store credit associated with your Account email address, the code will appear under the "Account Activity" tab.

If you don't have an account:
You must create one to view any discount or store credit codes. It only takes a few minutes to create (see "How do I create an account?"). Be sure to create your account using the same email address with which you normally place orders. Then, when you log into your account, you will see any codes associated with that email address under the "Account Activity" tab -- even if we sent them to you before your account was created!

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment
What's a "Security Code"? h
For a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover, the security code is the last three digits printed on the signature panel on the back of your card.
MC & Visa code
For American Express, it is the four digits printed on the front of the card, above the account number.
Amex code

Enter this code in the "Security Code" box:
security code

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment
What are Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode / Discover ProtectBuy / American Express SafeKey?
Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, Discover ProtectBuy and American Express SafeKey are extra fraud prevention services provided by credit card issuers to prevent unauthorized, online use before it happens. If your bank participates, you may be directed to another page to confirm your identity, after clicking place order.

If you previously enrolled in your bank's program, the form will ask you to enter your password. You must complete this step to complete checkout. If you do not remember the password, you can click on "Forgot Password."

If you are not enrolled, the message will invite you to activate the service. You may do so (answering whatever questions the bank asks), or choose "Activate Later." Your order will process normally in either case.

RockAuto does not see any information you enter in response to these messages since it is transmitted directly to your bank. This service should work on any Internet-enabled device. However, you need to ensure that Cookies and JavaScript are enabled and pop-up blockers are disabled on your computer first. This may not be possible on some mobile devices. For more information, visit Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, Discover ProtectBuy, and American Express SafeKey.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment
Where do I find my bank routing and account numbers?
Your routing number is the nine-digit set of numbers printed on the bottom-left of your checks.

Your account number is usually the set of numbers just to the right of the bank routing number (although on some checks the check number will be printed between the routing and account numbers).
Check image

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment
Will I need to pay duty or tax when my package is delivered?
If tax is identified by name (GST/HST in Canada, VAT in the EU, etc.) on your order, we will collect it (and any import duties, brokerage fees, and carrier shipping charges) for that package. The carrier will deliver that package with no additional charges. Our tax ID appears on order confirmations so that tax-exempt customers may reclaim the tax. If you return the product we will refund the tax, but we can never refund import duty.
duty tax

If we are not tax-registered in your country, you own the package when it leaves our warehouse. We offer a "Pre-Pay Customs Charges" option when possible – you pay us, we pay the carrier, the carrier pays the customs authorities and delivers your package with no additional charges. Check this box and duties and taxes will be added to the order:
duty tax

The Pre-Pay option is available to consumers in certain countries outside of North America where RockAuto doesn’t have a tax account. For those shipments no tax ID will appear on our invoice and you will NOT be able to claim what you paid us as an “input tax” credit, nor will the tax be refunded if you return your purchase. Enter your tax ID number and we'll pass it on to the carrier to help ensure proper credit for taxes they collect from you. If you choose not to pre-pay taxes, and pay the carrier instead, the carrier’s invoice WILL have a local tax ID that can be used for local filing. Carriers may charge additional "advancement fees" to handle these payments.
duty tax

If no "Pre-Pay" option appears for part of your order, please contact the carrier or your local customs office before placing an order to ask what charges may apply.

International postal carriers always collect applicable tax and import duty (and usually a surcharge) at delivery, so we cannot offer "Pre-Pay" at checkout for mail shipments. If you opt to have parts shipped to an international destination by mail, you own the package when it leaves our warehouse – please be prepared to make a payment upon delivery.

Duties and taxes are considered package by package, even if they are associated with the same order. If your order ships in multiple packages “Pre-Pay” will only apply to eligible packages. The checkout page will tell you which packages are eligible for “Pre-Pay” and which you will need to pay for at delivery.

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment
Why are you charging sales tax on my order?
We collect tax on orders shipped to states where we are required to by law. The Supreme Court decision (South Dakota v. Wayfair) requires out-of-state retailers to collect tax.

If your shipping address is in a state that requires us to collect tax, but you qualify for a tax exemption under the laws of that state, see What if I'm tax exempt?

Shopping Cart & Checkout > Payment
What if I'm tax exempt?
First, enter a shipping address and select your shipping method on the check out page. Then, if tax appears on your order (that is not an "input tax" you can reclaim, such as GST in Canada), check the "tax exempt" box:
duty tax

Questions your state requires will appear, and then we'll display your answers on your state's exemption form for you to electronically sign (or you'll be asked to confirm a form you completed for a previous order remains valid).

We will not process your order, or your payment, until you complete the form (or, if you are not able to provide the required information, allow us to collect tax). Alternatively, you may also save a tax exempt shipping address to a RockAuto account if you have one (See:"What are the benefits of creating an account? ").

If you've already placed your order, we are not able to apply a sales tax exemption. However, you may be able to request to cancel your order using our Order Status & Returns page (See, "How do I cancel my order?"). Then, you can place a new order with your tax exemption.

If you are not able to cancel your order, we are not able to refund any sales tax.

Question not answered above, nor on the other tabs at the top? Email us at